Monday, April 14, 2003

I can't get rid of this cold and I basically feel like shit. I think I have a sinus infection but I haven't been to a doctor so I don't know for sure. It was a long weekend. On Saturday Danielle and I had an all day field trip for girl scouts which would have normally been fun but seeing as how my head felt like it was going to explode all day it was a very long day. The girls had fun though, we went to a workshop on Zink the Zebra. If you have a daughter in girl scouts and you have the opportunity to ever do this be sure to not miss it.

Other than that it was really a blah weekend. According to my mom, my sister is mad at me because she (my sister) said, that I said, that I didn't like her new boyfriend Mike. Which is not at all what I remember saying. I'm pretty sure that I just asked if he had fun when we all went to the circus cause he was so quiet that I couldn't tell if he was bored or what. She said he had fun and was maybe just nervous. So I told her to tell him to relax. And I think I made a joke that if he didn't loosen up soon we wouldn't get the chance to get to like him. I mean how could I like him or not like him based on meeting him about three or four times?! Sheesh.

Whatever I said, I did mean it as a joke which I could have explained if she would have called me instead of calling my mom and then telling my mom not to tell me that she was mad. Well, of course my mom tells me right away with instructions to not tell my sister that she told me anything. No wonder I have a headache! I thought about calling my sister to straighten things about, but in the frame of mind I have been in I'm sure I'd just make it worse. I am worn down with being sick and I am on my period and basically I have just been feeling like a bitch. I know that if I tried to talk to my sister I would either get mad or cry and make things 10 times worse. So it is probably just best to let it blow over. Why does there always have to be some kind of drama? I mean, if my mom knew that I couldn't talk to my sister about it, why did she tell me in the first place?! Just to make me feel like shit I guess. I haven't talked to my mom since that conversation either.

I guess I just need some space. What I really want is to get better and maybe when my head doesn't feel like it is about to split open I can deal with this other shit. Or maybe I will just let it blow over and forget about it. I mean in the large scheme of things, how important is it really?

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