Monday, January 06, 2014

A day in the life

Today's highlights in no particular order:

1. Didn't hear my alarm and was late to start my day.
2. Kids tried out their Glee karaoke and my ears are still ringing.
3. Sandy's Donuts for breakfast, yum!
4. So freaking cold in Fargo that schools were closed.
5. Can't stop sneezing, daycare kids finally got me sick.
6. Watched The Bachelor, most embarrassing rose ceremony ever.
7. Hiding in my room right now while kids clean the kitchen.
8. Remembering how much louder it is to have four kids at home instead of two.
9. Desperately need to get caught up with laundry.
10. Adding this in because a list needs to end with an even number.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Freezing in Fargo

I think I am resigned to not having a real blog post until the girls go back to school. Just no motivation to sit down and write when I would rather spend my time with them. I only have one more week with them so going to enjoy every minute.

Played lots of games today and pretty much just relaxed. Not much else to do, weather bitterly cold and it is just going to keep getting colder. Wouldn't have went out at all but Caitlyn had dance practice at a team member's home. Not long after dropping her off, Caitlyn was calling me excited to find out that tomorrow is a storm day with no school so they decided to turn it into a sleepover. We went out to drop off essentials to Caitlyn; toothbrush, pillow, clothes etc... and it was a bit creepy. Fargo was a ghost town, roads were slick but not too crazy in town so it was weird to not see many cars out and about. Guess everyone is bunkered down with blankets in front of their televisions for the night. Or maybe that is just us?

Well, the kids might have the day off but I still have an early work day so heading to bed. Night.

Saturday, January 04, 2014


Fun day of dance even if I did oversleep because I didn't hear my alarm go off.
Thankfully Caitlyn didn't get yelled at because I made her late.
So blogging on my phone sucks so this is all I have to say other than Go Bison on winning their third straight championship.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Long Day

My day has been going strong since 5am and finding out at 8am that I had to go downtown to clear up some paperwork. It was cold and windy and of course the only parking I could find was a 15min parking spot and there was no way I would complete my business in that amount of time. At that point I thought screw it, this day is shot so what's a ticket going to do? As I walked away from my van the parking meter person went by, not a good omen. I thought about moving but at that point was just resigned to get a ticket. Lack of sleep can lead to dumb decisions.

So I have a wait before I can speak to the person who can help me and of course there is a loud kid who refuses to listen to his mom. Again a sign that the day was only going to get worse. After the allotted 15 minutes tick by I pulled out my phone to google the cost of a Fargo parking ticket. I found where to pay my ticket but couldn't seem to come across an actual amount. I am picturing around $30 flying out of my wallet.

The loud kid and his mom finally leave and it is my turn. My paperwork is taken care of quickly and I race to my van to find - no ticket! One less thing to worry about and I take it as a sign that this is going to be a good day and it pretty much was. Feeling blessed that the girls were home so that I could leave daycare and take care of my paperwork in the first place. Caitlyn's dance practice was cancelled which gave me time to go shopping in preparation of expected storm and we were home early enough with time for another family game night. So much fun having the girls home.

Tomorrow is a dance competition which equates to a very long day of bleacher seating. Fun. Maybe the storm will keep us at home.... I can always hope.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Monday, Monday

So the problem with having a holiday in the middle of the week is that when you go back to work on Thursday it feels like another Monday all over again. This is especially difficult when you work with children who are usually at odds when their schedule is off. So grumpy kids makes a grumpy me plus my younger kids went back to school and activities so we are all out of sorts. Long story of all of this is that once again my New Year reflective post will have to wait.

Of course I am focusing on the positive and my biggest blessing is having all of my kids under one roof for another week or so before they head off to their respective schools and busy lives. Trying my best to cherish every moment even if I do find myself wanting to nag about the hair in the bathtub and the open sodas all over the house.

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