Sunday, January 05, 2014

Freezing in Fargo

I think I am resigned to not having a real blog post until the girls go back to school. Just no motivation to sit down and write when I would rather spend my time with them. I only have one more week with them so going to enjoy every minute.

Played lots of games today and pretty much just relaxed. Not much else to do, weather bitterly cold and it is just going to keep getting colder. Wouldn't have went out at all but Caitlyn had dance practice at a team member's home. Not long after dropping her off, Caitlyn was calling me excited to find out that tomorrow is a storm day with no school so they decided to turn it into a sleepover. We went out to drop off essentials to Caitlyn; toothbrush, pillow, clothes etc... and it was a bit creepy. Fargo was a ghost town, roads were slick but not too crazy in town so it was weird to not see many cars out and about. Guess everyone is bunkered down with blankets in front of their televisions for the night. Or maybe that is just us?

Well, the kids might have the day off but I still have an early work day so heading to bed. Night.

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