Friday, September 20, 2002

I am still trying to recover from my hectic day yesterday and I am trying to pretend that I am not nervous about my meeting this afternoon. The weird thing is that I'm not nervous that I won't get the account but rather I'm nervous that I will get the account and what if I'm not good enough or have enough skill/talent to do it right? Damn, I am so neurotic sometimes! lol

Tonight John and I have a date. We are going out to eat although I have no idea where. Someplace where there hopefully won't be a bunch of kids. For some reason when we go out without our kids and we are looking forward to a nice, quiet meal; we end up surrounded by little kids who are running and screaming around the restaurant. I am so picky about my childrens manners in restaurants that I have little patience with people who just smile sheepishly as their children get completely out of hand. I'm sorry it is not cute and it is not appreciated.

There have been times when I have wished that instead of a smoking/non-smoking section there was a children/non-children section. Don't get me wrong, my children aren't perfect and at home they are free to express themselves all they want (which they do VERY well!) but in public I expect them to be on their best behavior. So anyway, after dinner we are going to meet my sister and Jeremy to see "The Banger Sisters". My sisters pick, not mine. Hopefully it is good, I'll let you know.

I guess I should get moving and start getting ready to go. Before I head out, here is my Friday Five....

1. Would you say that you're good at keeping in touch with people?
No, I always feel guilty about it but I am horrible at keeping in touch. Guilt just never seems to motivate me enough to do anything about it.

2. Which communication method do you usually prefer/use: e-mail, telephone, snail mail, blog comments, or meeting in person? Why?
Ummmm..... I would have to say email. It is easy, I don't have to buy stamps, and I can keep in touch while still wearing my pajamas with no makeup on.

3. Do you have an instant messenger program? How many? Why/why not? How often do you use it?
I have a few although the only one I use is AIM and I really don't even use that very often. I'm not sure why, I guess mostly cause I never seem to catch people online when I actually have time to chat.

4. Do most of your close friends live nearby or far away?
There aren't many people I would consider to be close friends, but those that I do have are far away.

5. Are you an "out of sight, out of mind" person, or do you believe that "distance makes the heart grow fonder"?
I never forget my friends/family, I'm just not always the greatest at letting them know I am thinking of them. I hope that they don't need me to tell them that I love them, I hope that they just know.

Oh, I almost forgot, don't forget to sign up for the 2002 Blog Ornament Exchange! :-)

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