Monday, August 26, 2002

The first day of school. Doesn't that bring back a lot of memories? I know it does for me, being excited, scared, nervous all mixed up wondering if my teacher would be nice, anxious to see if my best friend was in the same class, excited to see if any of the boys looked any cuter, where would I sit, who would I eat lunch with, so many things to wonder about.

The girls were so excited to get to school. The house is so quiet without them and Anthony is not very happy that I am his only playmate today. I remember when the girls were younger I would cry on their first day back to school. I don't cry anymore but Anthony sure did! He wants to go to school with his sisters. To make things even worse his cousin Kyle who he normally plays with is in Kindergarten so now there is really no one for him to play with. Next week the two of us will start going to school on Monday mornings to meet with other mom's and preschoolers. The mom's complete projects that teachers need help with and since we are working in the gym the kids have a fun place to run and play together. It makes a nice socializing time for both of us. :-)

I took a few pictures of the girls before they left for school. Danielle was not very happy! She refused to smile so I told her that if she didn't smile I would wait to take her picture until she was sitting in her class in front of all of the kids. Why do my kids think that I am the only mom in the whole world who insists on taking pictures on the first day of school?? Sheesh, they act like I was standing outside in a bathrobe and slippers just waiting to embarrass them! ROFL And just for the record I made sure that I was showered, hair and makeup done, and dressed in fairly cool clothes just so that I didn't embarrass them! If they are like this now can you imagine when they get to high school? I am in big trouble! hehe

Brittany - 6th grade - notice
the sunglasses and cool way she stands.

Danielle - 3rd grade - she
is not very happy with Mom right now.

You can see a school bus
in the background of Danielle's picture,

That is their school, we
are standing in our driveway, not too far to walk which is nice.

Do you know what I miss?

The days when I could dress
them up in cute little dresses and hair bows for the first day of school.

I had to stop doing that
after kindergarten.

Brittany & Danielle

Both were threatened to
smile before I REALLY embarrassed them! ROFL

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