Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Today was the girls' talent show. They both did a wonderful job! Brittany sang a solo of this song and Danielle did a skit she wrote with her cousin Tori. I always love this show, it is so much fun to see all of the cute stuff the kids come up with. I can't believe that tomorrow is already their last day of school!! Their awards program is in the morning. Both of the girls are receiving awards for reading and Brittany is also receiving a National Physical Fitness Award. She is really excited about that because physical education is her least favorite subject in school. Many of the kids in her class will be receiving the Presidential award.
Next year Brittany will be in 6th grade and if she keeps her grades up she will be receiving a President's Award for Educational Excellence. She has been working very hard to keep her grades up, she had straight A's this last semester. I am so proud of her! lol.....can you tell? hehe

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