Monday, May 07, 2001

Water. I really do love it.....just not when it is covering my living room! We live in the basement half of a house that has been converted into a duplex. Yesterday morning we woke up with water in the kitchen and livingroom because something jammed up the sump pump. What something you ask? Potatos! Marshall pulled out half of a bag of potatos that had been floating around the sump pump just waiting to get stuck so that we could once again wake up to water. A certain daughter of mine decided that it was too much trouble to put the potatos away properly so she just threw them into the cupboard which led to half of the bag rolling off of the shelf into the sump pump. Don't ask.....our apartment was planned and constructed by idiots.

We decided to go into town and get some cleaning supplies so that we could get everything clean and we sort of took our time. Neither one of us was looking forward to coming back and cleaning up water once again. Yes this has happened before......too many times to count. Not just because of the sump pump but for numerous reasons that are all due to us living in a basement. When we finally came home it was only to find more water, this time in the bathroom. Did I mention that it was raining all day? So the entire night was spent cleaning up floors and throwing away icky soggy stuff. Today is being spent washing various clothes, rugs, towels that had been left on the floor. I just love spring time in North Dakota. :-P

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