Monday, October 14, 2002

What a busy weekend! We had way too much to do and so much that we still didn't get around to doing. I think I finally finished with that webpage project, they had a few more changes. I am going to be so happy when it is all done! The kiddies just left for school and Anthony is still sleeping so this means I just might get 5 minutes of peace and quiet! Woohoo! lol

Brittany is a "mommy" this week. They are doing "Sugar Babies" as a class project. The project goes along with this book that they are reading. We had to make her a "baby" out of a bag of sugar. We tried to find doll parts to add to the bag at the craft store but they didn't have anything that would work so we ended up buying a doll at Target and taking it apart. We duct-taped the hell out of it to make it stay together.

When we were all done she dressed it up real cute and wrapped it up in Anthony's old baby blanket. She has to carry it around and "care" for it for the entire week. She has to take it to school and every where else we might go in the evening, if she wants a break she has to pay someone to babysit.

On Friday the class had to randomly pick what they were going to have. Brittany had a baby boy, she named him Zachary. Two of the boys in her class had twins! That means they have to carry around two babies. Tomorrow they are having a "baby shower" for her class. Parents are invited to go, I wonder if I need to bring gifts? ROFL It should be a fun project although Brittany is so absentminded at times. I hope she doesn't lose my "grandson"! hehe

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