Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I have so much to blog about but as I listen to the reading of names of 9-11 victims on the news, it all seems pointless and silly. I have cried countless times today as I watched the girls get dressed in red, white and blue in memory of the tragedy that will never be forgotten. I watch Anthony play with his fire truck oblivious as to the significant role firemen played a year ago today. I think of my brother, proudly serving his country far away from home, and I feel tears of pride and sadness overwhelm me. There are church services and community gatherings taking place this evening, I have decided to stay home and keep my family close in a safe little cocoon. It has been a sad year and today will be a sad day but through it all I have felt pride that I am a United States citizen. I can't explain how proud I am every time I say the Pledge of Alligence or salute the flag. I have always taken this privilege for granted but today as it has for the last year it takes on a special meaning and I hope that I never again take for granted how lucky I am to live in this great country. God Bless America.

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