Wednesday, August 21, 2002

My oldest daughter Brittany is a straight A student. If she gets all A's again this year she will get a presidential award for academics. I am telling you this so that you understand why I couldn't stop laughing last night. Before I tell you what happened, I'd better tell you another story which leads up to this story.

On the night of my bachelorette party we had closed down all of the bars and just about every one had went home except for my mom, Larry (my hairdresser), Kathy (friend) and my sister. We were all pretty drunk when we decided we needed to grab some snacks before we headed over to Larry's to drink some more. Yes, we really thought we needed more to drink and no we weren't driving we had a limo. Anyway, when we got to the store my mom was complaining because her mouth was hurting. She recently got braces and forgot to bring the wax that you stick to the wires that are jabbing you in your mouth. She asked me to try to find her some in the grocery store.

I looked everywhere, no wax to be found. I looked in the candy section for wax lips or something along those lines that would work. Nothing. Kathy had the wonderful idea of using silly putty. I was drunk so it sounded like a wonderful idea. We get in the limo and I gave my unsuspecting mom a blob of blue glitter silly putty to stick in her mouth. Hey, it's non-toxic and it worked! ROFL

It was very funny and I of course had to tell Brittany, who also wears braces, that her grandma had used silly putty instead of wax. Okay, so this leads me to last night. John and I were getting ready for bed when Danielle comes running in. First she makes me promise not to get mad and then she tells me a story.

Brittany couldn't find her wax and her braces were starting to poke. She remembered the story about the silly putty and looked all over her room for something similar to put on her braces. Guess what she found? PlayDough!!! ROFLMAO She squished it in-between her teeth before realizing that it turns to a gooey mess when wet. How could I get mad? It was just too damn funny. She had to brush for quite a bit to get it all out.

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