Thursday, August 09, 2001

Yesterday the play was so cute! We really enjoyed it and even Anthony sat still! He was so good that we have decided to take him to see Shrek. We took the girls when it first came out but left him with my mom because he is usually not very good in movies and then one of us ends up sitting in the lobby with him playing video games. So I am hoping that he will sit through the entire and watch it without driving me insane because I am looking forward to seeing Shrek again. It is such a cute movie.

I have to get running shortly. I have to take my mom to the airport today. She is leaving to visit her friend Penny in Maine. Before she leaves we are going to pick up Maria from work and have lunch together. We are going here, I just love their soup.

We are supposed to go to the lakes this weekend, but I think Marshall has to work on Sat. Maybe we will just drive up there and spend the day on Sunday. The girls have really wanted to go. Hopefully the weather won't be so damn hot. Still not done with school shopping. Why do I always wait till the last minute?!

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