Thursday, August 09, 2001

Good grief!! Why is that whenever I drive with my mom she drives me out of my mind?? She acts like I have no clue how to drive and bitches about how fast I drive, the way I turn, if she doesn't think I looked in the mirror properly. AAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I was so ready to see her finally get on her damn plane. I know I am going to miss her but for that moment I was just relieved to see her go! I swear, from the moment I pulled out of the driveway she was complaining. She said, "Do you want me to drive?" and I said "No, I just want you to be quiet about MY driving." I drive so much better than her, she is the definition of road rage. She is constantly yelling at someone, cutting people off, she is a scary driver. So the whole way into town she is bitching about my driving, I was going 5 miles over the speed limit and she freaked about how fast I was going. Hello......who just got a speeding ticket last week?? It sure as hell wasn't me going 65 in a 45mph zone! And then when we had to stop and pick up Danielle from summer school I got out of the car and came out and she was on the drivers side. She said she had to move the car because it was in someone's way but of course she didn't get out so I could drive. I would much rather she drove then to have to listen to her complain so I didn't say anything. So guess what she does?

She pulls out of the school parking lot, cuts off a car coming towards her and turns so sharp that the console tips over knocking her entire glass of ice water into my shoes!!!!! But of course I am the one who does not know how to drive. And then we had to make a left hand turn onto a busy street. It had two turning lanes, we were on the outside lane. She makes the turn into the inside lane, not even looking if there was someone beside her. Fortunately there was no one beside us otherwise she would have crunched someone's car. Sheesh! I swear, when she turns 55 I am going to take away her drivers license and she better not bitch about my driving otherwise I will make her keep her ass at home!! Of course I can say all this stuff about her now because she is Maine! ROFLMAO

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