Monday, July 30, 2001

I am awake. I hate when I am awake when I really want to just be asleep! I know that I should just enjoy the quiet of the house before everyone wakes up but I would much rather be cuddled next to my sweetie sound asleep. We did have a wonderful day yesterday. We all slept in and Marshall and I woke up to the girls cleaning the kitchen and Brittany made us coffee! Sometimes it amazes me how grown up they are. Brittany is already bugging me to let her highlight her hair! I think that 10 years old is a little young for that! Don't you? I told her I would go to the mall and try to find her temporary stuff that would wash out, you know the stuff I mean? It looks like mascara and comes in gold, blue and red highlights. I think she would have fun playing with it and hopefully it will make her forget that she is growing up way too fast! lol

We were missing my dad's wonderful breakfast burritos that he made for us while we were there so Marshall and I attempted to make them together. They came out so yummy! We have decided to make them a Sunday tradition. After cleaning the kitchen we watched a movie with the kids and just kinda hung out. Marshall pulled out the board games and we spent the day playing games and eating popcorn. A nice, lazy Sunday. Don't you just love them? :-)

Before I forget I just wanted to thank you for my candles!! They are all so yummy!! Don't worry my mom was taking care of my mail while I was gone so there was no "melting blueberry muffins wax seeping down" my front steps. lol Your auctions are making me want to shop again! As soon as I recover from our vacation I will be sending you another order. :-)

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