Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Well......for those of you wondering about our house. We did not get it. The moron decided to sell if to someone else AFTER we had the downpayment together! Sheesh..... I was so pissed off. Not that he sold it to someone else because he had someone willing to pay cash for it so in that regard I can't blame him BUT he told us that the house was ours as soon as we had the downpayment and on the day we had arranged to go see him he was suddenly not around. He didn't return our calls but just kept putting us off via his teenage son. After three days of not being able to find him we finally find out again through his teenage son that the house was sold. I have never seen Marshall so mad, the worst part was when the guy called back and lied that he had been trying to reach us. Marshall's cell phone has caller id and the guy never called, when Marshall pointed this out the guy quickly says that he called us on our home number......funny how he could have done that because we never gave it to him and our number is not listed. After a few hours of being upset I realized that it just wasn't meant to be. First of all the town was a long drive from here which of course Marshall would have to do every day to get to work plus all traveling was on a two lane highway which would NOT be fun in the middle of a blizzard......lol.....as you can see I talked myself out of wanting it which under the circumstances is the best I can do. We are still looking but houses that we can afford esp. with our not so wonderful credit are few and far between.

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