Monday, December 04, 2000

I'm mad at Marshall today. I am continuing my anger from last night. At this point I don't even really want to be mad but I feel like if I don't stay mad he will think that everything is fine which it is not! Do you ever feel like you are having the same fight again and again and no matter how many times you try to get your point across it just isn't getting through? I am tired of fighting over the same damn thing and after every fight I hear the same crap that doesn't mean anything because I know the next fight will be exactly the same. When I started dating Marshall I knew he was a workaholic. We met at work so of course I knew that, this was the guy would work 24 hours a day and cover every shift even when he hadn't slept in over 48 hours.......and no I am not exagerating. I knew this, did I think I could change it? No......well maybe.....but not really. The point is all I ask for is a flippin phone call to tell me he is working, that he won't be back when he says he will, and even though he has a cell phone in his pocket he still can't take a few seconds to tell me not to wait for him. That is the worst part.....the waiting. I hate waiting. It brings back really bad memories from my childhood. Marshall knows why I feel this way, he knows why the one damn phone call means so much to me and yet he still doesn't call. Why do I waste my breath?

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