Monday, August 05, 2002

Yesterday was our "one month" anniversary which of course neither one of us thought about until half way through the day! John did surprise me with breakfast in bed. Isn't he sweet? lol....but of course don't tell him I told you so. hehe We had a very lazy Sunday, we did absolutely nothing. We watched tv, played with Anthony and read. It was really nice especially after my limo run from hell on Saturday!

The people I had were really nice (it was a wedding) but there were too many of them and they were too big! The air suspension in the car gave out halfway to our destination and the drive shaft started dragging. Next thing I knew, the back of the limo was filling up with smoke from all of the friction. I had to have John meet me at the bar where we were going (they were doing a bar hop before their reception) to see if he could fix it. The people were not very happy and I don't blame them. Unfortunately, there was just too much weight in the car. So we had to put one guy in front with me and a few drove with John in our van. These guys were huge, like football player huge and I had 9 guys and the bride. She was very sweet about it, actually they all were nice considering. But I was majorly stressed and was so happy when Nathan came to my rescue (again) and took the late part of the run in our largest limo to make up for it.

Not much going on today. I guess I should get something done considering I didn't do much of anything yesterday. The girls will be home in a week! Which is a good thing because Anthony is driving me nuts asking where his sisters are. Have a great day and Happy Monday!

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