Saturday, August 03, 2002

We have no water! I have a limo run at 4 o'clock, we have no water and I still need to take a shower!!!! I hate when this happens. One of the draw backs of living in a little town because this has happened way too often. Usually it's not that big of a deal although this does seem to happen right when I'm in a hurry to go somewhere. Hopefully it is just a maintenance thing and they will have it turned back on shortly. My mom is out in the shop washing limo's and I'm sure she's not a happy camper right now!

I was so exhausted yesterday. I only slept about 2 hours before Anthony woke me up. I was supposed to do an airport pickup late last night and almost started crying when my mom called to tell me that instead of picking them up at 11pm, I would have to pick them up at 2am because the flight was delayed. My mom must have heard the panic in my voice when she told me. I was soooo tired at that point, my contacts felt glued to my eyes and I could barely keep them open. Thankfully she got Nathan to do it instead.

So I got a good nights' sleep other than being woken up by Anthony crying in the middle of the night because he fell out of bed. He came running in my room for a kiss and then went back to bed and fell right asleep. lol

Not much else going on this weekend. I never did go school shopping. I'd better do that soon. I usually buy most of their supplies while the girls are gone but I have to wait for them to get home before I buy their clothes because they are both so darn picky I hate to waste money buying them clothes they won't wear. This year I think I am going to skip buying the glittery pencils for Danielle. Last year I found out that the girls in her class were talking her into trading them the glittery pencils for their boring, yellow pencils. So this year they will probably all have the glittery pencils, I bet they won't want to trade now! ROFL

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