Wednesday, August 14, 2002

We have been running non-stop today since 9am. We got the girls all registered for school and found backpacks and some clothes. Tomorrow is more clothes shopping plus shoes. Brittany isn't too happy because the usual 6th grade teacher, the one she was REALLY looking forward to having has decided to take a year off to get her masters. The new teacher is one who used to be a student teacher. One of the mom's said that I knew her but I can't seem to place her. Danielle is excited that her cousin Tori will be in her class for the first time. I have always tried to keep Danielle in a different class just because they were too attached to each other. They have both had a few years of school to find their own place and not depend on each other too much. My main concern was that Danielle had speech problems and Tori would talk for her which didn't give Danielle a chance to have to speak for herself. Anyway the speech problems are gone and both girls are very excited to be in the same class this year. I had a nice chat with the principal today, he is so nice. He really takes an interest in all of the kids which just amazes me. I know that's the way it should be but unfortunately, isn't always the way it is. I sometimes hate our housing situation but just to have my kids go to this school makes it all worth it.

So last night we were at Chuck E. Cheese and the girls out of the blue confided in John and I that their summer wasn't all that great. They had fun but their dad and his new wife fought way too much. The girls were very upset by it and told me that they actually seen their dad hit and push her. At one point he even threw a bowl of soup at her. The girls have never liked her but they were very upset to see their dad treat her that way. I can't even tell you how shocked I was! I knew they (my ex and his wife) had problems because he has talked to me about them, but I never imagined he would do that in front of the girls. I am so pissed off but the girls made me promise not to tell their dad that they told me so I can't even bitch him out like I so want to do. We had a lot of problems in our marriage but he NEVER raised his voice to me much less hit me. I never imagined he could be this kind of person. It is upsetting.

We talked to the girls and stressed to them that physical violence in any sort of relationship is wrong and just because they have seen their dad act that way doesn't mean that they should ever put up with that shit from anyone. Brittany and I talked about it more today and she is planning to tell her dad that she isn't going to want to visit him if he acts like that again in front of them. I can't imagine that his anger would EVER turn towards the girls........but I never imagined him hitting anyone...and I was wrong. What the hell can I do? It is beyond my control but I am so angry at him right now. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful, I am just at a loss as to what if anything I can do.

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