Wednesday, July 31, 2002

The honeymoon is over. We had way too much fun and it went by way too fast. We did miss Anthony like crazy so it was good to get home. We got home yesterday but didn't do much. We spent the day taking Anthony to the movie and then to the park. Today John is back to work and life goes back to normal. Wisconsin was so much fun, we stood here because it was kind of a center point to everywhere we wanted to go. We spent a day in the Dell's which was incredible, we couldn't believe how much stuff they had to do there! We are already planning to take all of the kids there next summer. This time I take a list though! LOL It was just way too overwhelming with all of the things they have to do there. We are both looking forward to going next year and can't wait for the kids to see it.

I do have to share one of those stupid moments that I swear could only happen to me! John and I were relaxing in our hotel room and I decided to light these cute little candles I had brought along (a gift from Sandy). The lights are already dimmed as I light one, two, three and get to the fourth candle. Suddenly, my thumb feels warm. I look down and the damn thing is on fire! Not my thumb but one of these stupid acrylic nails my mom insisted I get for the wedding. I look at it in shock and then blow it out. The whole tip of my nail is scorched and I feel like a complete idiot! I tell John and we both sit there laughing our asses off. Sheesh....the stupid things that happen to me, I really should write a book! ROFL

You know how you're on vacation and everything goes by in a blur? I wish I could share all of the fun stuff we did but first it was our honeymoon so I'm sure you don't want to know EVERYTHING! LOL and secondly there would be just too much to write. Let me just say that we had lots of fun and we have decided that we are going on a "honeymoon" every year! :-)

I talked to the girls when we got home. They are having fun in California, they have already been to Disneyland and California Adventure. I think they are going to Magic Mountain next weekend. I miss them so much but I am so glad they are having fun.

Let's see...what else? Nathan and his family are stopping by to pick up their kitten tonight, John is back to work today, I have laundry to do and a van to clean, and my mom potty trained Anthony while we were gone! Can you believe that? I am so happy, I was really dreading having to do that!
Anthony "wrote" a letter to his Uncle Gilly telling him all about it. *Click Here* to read, it is so funny!

I guess that is it. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and as soon as I have time I'll catch up on my daily reads. ~::~Hugs~::~

Added later: OMG, I can't believe I forgot to tell you this. I am a grandma! ROFL John's oldest son and his wife had a baby girl last week named Shelby Lynn. Sadly, John and his son are estranged right now but we have a card and gift we plan to send and maybe someday we will get to see John's granddaughter. Until then she is in our hearts and we are happy to know that she is healthy and very much loved.

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