Thursday, June 20, 2002

I woke up this morning and the kittens were gone! I looked everywhere and couldn't find them. Finally after 15 minutes of looking I heard little tiny meows. They were coming from Anthony's room. While we were sleeping last night she moved them all into the back of Anthony's closet! Sheesh, I knew she was pissed off about me taking pictures, but I didn't know she was that pissed! ROFL

My dad sent money for the wedding which I received yesterday. Thank you very much Dad! So today I have to go pay off some of the larger amounts (like the rental place). I also have to stop by the place that is doing my flowers and change my order a bit because there has been a slight change. Michelle (stepmom) and the kids won't be able to make it. I guess Jeremy is in summer school (he is a junior I think?) and if he misses even one day he will have to repeat his last year of school. From what my dad says he has really been blowing school off and of course Michelle is determined that he is going to graduate on time. So with Jeremy not being able to make it, Michelle doesn't feel comfortable leaving him alone for two weeks. So her and the kids are staying home and my dad will fly here alone for the wedding.

I'm starting to hate that countdown on my page! I think it must be seems to be going way too fast! Yikes.....only 2 weeks left!!

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