Wednesday, August 08, 2001

Last night I went to my first ever block party. Because we live in such a small town we don't have block parties because a new community center was recently built where we all get together, have dances, etc. so I have never had the chance to go to one. Marshall's dad invited us to his house for their block party. We had fun, drank some beer, the kids played with Marshall's nephews, they thought it was pretty cool to be able to play in the middle of the street. One guy there pulled out his guitar and started playing songs, everyone sang.....except for me, Marshall and his dad. I think I would have liked to sing but I didn't really know anyone so it felt a little strange. Maybe if I would have had more beer. lol

As we left Marshall's dad's house about 10:30pm I remembered that Danielle has a bday party to go to today and I had (once again) forgotten to buy a gift. So we went to Wal-Mart and found some cute stuff. Brittany bought herself a new pair of roller blades. She's been saving her money. She has a really nice pair. Now she wishes that she was the one going to a party today because it's a skating party. I am letting her skate in the kitchen because it's too hot outside to skate outside today. My mom would never have let us skate in the house, she would have completely freaked. We have ceramic tile, if she marks it's easy to clean up. No big deal.

Today my sister and I are taking the kids to see a play called Chocolate. The play is being put on by the Trollwood Performing Arts School. They always have great performances. This is something Brittany really wants to get involved with but you have to be in the sixth grade to participate. I'll have to check into it for next year.

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