Saturday, August 04, 2001

Another life changing phone call. As I write my heart is filled with sadness and hope. My mom's sister called this morning. My aunt has a daughter who is a year younger than I am. 9 years ago she had a daughter named Cassandra. I have met Cassandra's mom twice in my life and Cassandra I have never met. Cassandra's mom no longer wants her. My aunt, Cassandra's grandmother, does not have the financial means or the stability to keep her. She called my mom and wants her to take her. My mom in her heart wants Cassandra and she of course would have no problem taking care of her financially. My mom's concern is that her and my stepdad have planned to retire in five years. They just got my brother, the baby of the family, out of the house. How do you go from sending your youngest son off into the Navy and turn around and take on the responsibilities of a nine year old? My mom and stepdad are both used to working until late at night, going out whenever they want, taking extended vacations. There is a lot for her to consider.

I on the other hand already have three kids, in all honesty one more won't make a difference. While our house isn't as huge as my mom's, we would have room for one more. Cassandra is close in age to both Brittany and Danielle. Getting her to school, activities, etc would not be a problem. Having one more would definitely NOT change our we don't have a lifestyle! My concern with us taking her is that financially it would be a lot to take on. I want this little girl more than I can say. Between my family and my mom and stepdad I think that we can provide a home, love and financial support for Cassandra.

My heart hurts at the thought of what it must be like to be nine year's old and have your mom not want you. There are many complications to work out. First of all, we would have to get my cousin to agree to let us take her. We would also have to get Cassandra's biological dad (who is an alcoholic and who supposedly doesn't want her either) to give up parental rights. We would then need to find a way to get her from Colorado to here and legally adopt her and/or get guardianship. Hopefully this can all get done so that she has time to adjust before school starts. That seems like a huge order but I do believe that if it is meant to happen it will work out. Please keep Cassandra in your thoughts and pray that in the end what is best for Cassandra will happen.

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