Tuesday, July 31, 2001

It is so damn hot here, I am going out of my mind. Last night I woke up to crashing thunder and intense lightning. Normally I love waking up to storms but last night it was so hot and muggy I felt as if I couldn't breath. It didn't help that I had this bizarre dream that my entire family was in a Winnebego and we were leaving town in a hurry because of the storm. My stepdad was driving and I was sitting behind him on the floor holding my son who was a baby. Suddenly he slammed on the brakes because everyone else was leaving town and the traffic was incredible. I looked up and saw a man standing there holding a rifle to my stepdad's window. He wanted to hijack the vehicle. My stepdad calmly pulls over and lets him in. The guy gets in and sits across from me holding the gun at me and my son. I woke up shortly after that due to the storm but the dream really left me out of sorts. As I analyzed my dream I couldn't figure out which was more telling. The fact that my stepdad was the one driving and who allowed this man aboard (lately we haven't been getting along) or the fact that this guy looked like Marshall. Weird huh? The heat kept me up for most of the night and I got 5 new mosquito bites! Damn I am getting sick of summer!

Sssshhhhh.........Don't tell anyone but I am ready for snow! cutie factory

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