Friday, May 04, 2001

Have you ever been in a situation where your child says something that makes you want to strangle them? lol....hey if you're a mom of course they have and if they haven't they probably can't talk yet. hehe Here is what happened:

The day before yesterday my stepsister asked me to come upstairs and talk to her. She has been majorly stressed. She is the main source of income for her family, she is a full time college student (straight A's, it's very disgusting lol), she also runs full time (with her husband) my mom and stepdad's limousine company. To say that she is busy is an understatement. She was very upset because she feels like everything is getting juggled and she isn't spending enough time with her kids. It is final's week so I understand the stress. She is not a bad mother but of course every mom at one time or another feels like they are a bad mother, or at least I do. So I reassure her the best I can but I know it's still bothering her.

Okay, so yesterday was Danielle and Brittany's Girl Scout ceremony for the girls that were bridging. Jenny's daughter Tori is also in their troop. Her and Danielle are the same age and usually get along very well. The girls are lining up practicing for the ceremony and I am standing behind them looking at the badges, pins etc. to give out. Anyway, I hear Danielle say ".....she doesn't care about you." I didn't catch the first part but I heard Tori respond, "Yes she does, she is just busy with work." I knew instantly what Danielle had said. I grabbed her hand and dragged her in the corner and asked her to repeat what she said to me. She told me that she had told Tori that Jenny wasn't there because she doesn't care about Tori. I was shocked that she would say that and intentionally hurt her cousin that way. She was instantly sorry but of course that doesn't change what she said. She went back and hugged Tori and apologized and I gave Tori a hug and told her not to listen to Danielle.

When we got home I had to tell Jenny what Danielle had said. In light of what we had talked about the night before I knew this would really upset her, which it did. Not at Danielle but at herself because of course it just made her feel even more guilty. I felt so horrible. I mean, what could I say? My daughter is a brat! Jenny was very understanding but I still feel so bad. I made Danielle apologize to Jenny too. I don't know what she said because I wasn't there but Danielle came home and I could tell she had been crying, she felt really bad. She gave me a hug and apologized to me too. She asked me if we could take Tori out to eat with us because we were on our way out so I of course said yes. I don't know if taco's and ice cream will fix it but everyone seemed happy. lol

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