Sunday, April 22, 2001

Part One - The Theater: Yesterday was an extremely bizarre day! It started out as most Saturdays do, quiet with the kids watching cartoons. Marshall had to work yesterday so we all waited for him to come home because we were supposed to go look at that house again. He SAID he'd be home between 2 or 3. I took that to mean 3:30 - 4:30 because when it comes to work he is NEVER home when he is supposed to be home.....there is always one more thing to do, one last thing to finish up. Hey, I met him at work, I understand that side of him even if it does drive me nuts. Well, I waited and waited and call and no Marshall. I got sick of waiting so I took the kids into town and we went to McDonalds. He finally calls me at 5:30....and of course I yell, he apologizes. I say I am not going home I've been stuck there all day so he comes into town to meet us. I have the brilliant idea of going to a movie, which sounded a like a good idea at the time, but of course I was forgetting one small thing. Anthony! lol Well, we were late for the movie so that should have been the first sign to go home but nooooo....I want to see a movie. I had already seen Chocolat but Brittany wanted to see it and I knew Marshall would like it so I figured that was a good choice that way I could explain the parts they had missed. The first 15 minutes were great. Anthony sat on Marshall's lap mesmerized by the screen eating buttered popcorn. Then he just decided.....that was what? He decides he wants to stand up by the seats. Keep in mind that the theater was fairly empty and we were way in back with an empty row in front of us and only two people behind us. So I let him stand up.....he wasn't bothering any one.....except for me! lol I couldn't relax. I am one of those people who just freaks if people don't control their kids. I pride myself that I have taken my daughters to restaurants and people would come up to me and tell me how well behaved they are..... I pride myself on the fact that I have taken my daughters on airplanes and have had people come up to me after the flight and thank me again and again because they were so good. Since I have had Anthony I have not had that happen since! lol Go figure?! Well, when my little "angel" discovered the red lights on the stairs we had walked up I knew he wouldn't be happy until he was walking up and down them so I decided to take him out to the lobby for a bit. As we are walking down the stairs he decides that we need to converse. "Mommy? Mommmmmyyy?" And like an idiot I try to hush a two year old. So I walk him down the stairs and he decides it's time to count. "Five, Twwwwooo, Eight, Nine" I was waiting for someone to throw popcorn at us. Because I had already seen the movie I didn't mind letting Marshall enjoy it, especially since he hardly ever gets to movies while I go all the time. So I played pinball and chased after Anthony until he wore me out and we waited in the car. I sat there wondering where my life has went? It was a Friday night and I was on a date from hell with a two year old! But of course when he smacked me on the cheek with his sticky, licorice coated lips all was forgiven! :-) Okay.......well that was part one. I need some coffee and I'll be back in a bit to fill you in on the rest.

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