Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Brush with Fame time: I was in a speech class at school where we had to introduce ourselves to the group and relate a story about the most famous person we had met. I was surprised to realize I had so many. Here is my strangest one. I was working in a Chinese restaurant while in high school. I wasn't a waitress, I just bussed tables. Anyway, I was totally obsessed with this person. I had her pictures all over my room, I think it was because not only was she the first model I had recognized with dark hair but she also had a mole on the side of her face just like I do. Anyway, my best friend (who also worked there) came up to me and asked me, "Isn't that the person you have pictures of all over your room?" I looked and sure enough it was her! I couldn't believe it. I mean, I was in a Chinese restaurant in Cheyenne, Wyoming for petes sake and she was sitting at a table with a small group of people eating. She didn't have any make up on and looked pretty but normal. I must have walked by her table a few times because she looked up at me and smiled and asked me to take her credit card to the front counter. I said something brilliant like, "Are you Cindy Crawford?" and she says...."That's what it says on my credit card." LOL I looked and sure enough that was her name on the card! LOL...... I was like in total awe. Then when I returned the credit card to her table she asked me if I would go outside and take a picture of her and her friends in front of the restaurant. I am telling you I was totally shocked. LOL.....she must have thought I was a complete idiot because I just nodded my head, went outside took their picture as they posed in front of the restaurant and then gave her back her camera without saying a word! Sheesh...... you would think that I would have at least asked for an autograph! hehe So that is one of my "brushes with fame." More to come... :-)

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