Friday, January 12, 2001

Have you ever been waken up in the middle of the night by someone banging on your door? Poor Marshall jumped out of bed and was dressed in two seconds flat. There was a man wondering around our little town last night and it is our house he decideds to visit. It was about midnight and this man has his face looking in the window and scared the crap out of us. Marshall, being a guy, had to open the door to see what he wanted. I would have just hid and hoped that he went away. The man said that his car broke down several miles up the interstate and wanted to know if we could help him. Then he said he had a flat tire. He wanted to use our phone to call long distance but ever since my stepdad changed phone servers and business plans (another long story) our long distance doesn't work so we couldn't help him. After we locked the doors we called the sherrifs department and explained the situation. We sat in the dark entry way watching as the sherriffs car drove around looking for this man. We finally received a call back that they had found him and had taken him where he had to go. I couldn't go back to sleep so I laid in bed thinking about how sad it is that in todays world, even in our small town in North Dakota, you are afraid to help someone because you fear people you don't know. I wish we could have offered him more than a ride in a sherrifs car to his destination.......I wish we could have invited him in, offered him something hot to drink to warm him up and fixed his tire......I hope he understood why we couldn't.

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